Company History  

In 1966, James Fredericks, along with his wife Rita, took the risk of creating a machine shop.  Taking the first letters of both their names, RI-JA Machining Co. was established in Fayette County, WV.   Later, when the company was incorporated, the dash was dropped to form RIJA Machining, Co, Inc.

At the start of the business, the husband and wife team purchased an old milling machine and drill press and set to work in their basement.  Later, with the addition of an old lathe, the shop moved to the garage.  The machines were purchased after the passing of Jim’s brother, Ernest Fredericks, who owned a machine shop in Ohio.  Many of the machines were in disrepair and in need of attention.  Jim made it work though.  Spending hours cleaning and repairing, he was able to use the machines.

Prior to starting his own machine shop, Jim had acquired experience in Chicago, IL working at Clover Tool & Die, Co. as a mold designer.  He later established employment as a machinist with Long- Airdox in Oak Hill, WV.  As Jim’s business grew, many companies, including Long-Airdox, started using Jim as contract labor to finish jobs.  Jim continued to work in his garage for five years before seeing the need for expansion.  In 1971, space came in the form of a building on Central Ave. in Oak Hill, WV.  The location held approximately eight machines and allowed Jim to employ six employees.

 Jim maintained the philosophy that if the employees worked hard for him then he would work hard to provide good pay and work conditions.  He was not only a family man, but ran a family business.  He hired several members of his own family, as well as, several father/son teams in the area.  He worked hard to ensure that all employees were taken care of.   This was evident when the shop burned down in 1972.  Jim purchased the Three River Company machine shop in Gauley Bridge, WV to keep the men working while he built a new shop in Lochgelly, WV.   The men helped to rebuild the burned machines for the new shop, as well as, maintained job orders.

The construction of the new shop was finished in 1973.  It was proudly declared the first business in the Fayette County Industrial Park.  The company remained in this building until 1976 when Jim moved next door in the park for more opportunity to expand.  This is the current location of RIJA Machining, Co, Inc.  It was at this location that Jim added two more buildings and experimented with hydraulics and plastics.  Jim would attempt to make anything and was successful in manufacturing mausoleum lifts for a local cemetery.  However, due to environmental regulations, the plastic venture was short lived.  The shop gradually shifted toward specializing in gears.

Jim worked long and hard hours building his shop from a garage to a multi-plant facility.  The business grew from his determination and the support of his family.  Several members of the family helped at the shop throughout the years.  When health problems arose in 2008, Jim depended upon his son, Kurt Fredericks, to manage the business.  Although Jim has since passed away, the business philosophy remains the same.  Produce a quality part, treat your employee right and respect your customer. 


Loose Gears:

·       Circular Arc/Non Involute Gears

·       Face Gears

·       Ground Gears

·       Helical Gears

·       Internal Gears

·       Master Gears

·       Planetary Gears

Related Products:

·       Spur Gears

·       Splines

·       Sprockets

·       Workholding Devices


·       Design

·       Gear Grinding

·       Prototypes

·       Research and Design

·       Testing